Sun Safety - 5 Simple Steps

Sun Safety - 5 Simple Steps

Sunscreen should be applied every day to everyone (except babies 6 months and younger) no matter the weather but now, as the days get longer and the sun gets hotter, protecting yours and your Cherubs skin from UVB; the ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn and UVA; the ultraviolet rays that penetrate deeper into the skin and cause tanning and premature aging is of extreme importance.

Did you know that Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world and that 2000 Australians die every year from this entirely preventable disease?

How does sunscreen work?

Sunscreen includes active ingredients that help prevent the sun’s UV radiation from reaching your skin but not all sunscreens use the same ingredients.

Physical sunscreen ingredients (such as the minerals titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) block and scatter the rays before they penetrate your skin.

Chemical sunscreen ingredients (such as avobenzone and octisalate) absorb UV rays before they can damage your skin.

What does SPF mean?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The number tells you how long the sun’s UVB rays would take to redden your skin if you apply the sunscreen exactly as directed compared with the amount of time without sunscreen. So, if you use an SPF30 sunscreen correctly, it would take you 30 times longer to burn than if you did not apply sunscreen. HOWEVER, it is recommended, no matter which product you use, it is re-applied every 2 hours or after swimming or sweating.

Are you Sun Smart?

Sunscreen alone, is not enough. For the parents that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, you may remember the slogan, “Slip, Slop, Slap” well now there are 2 extra steps the Cancer Council recommends you follow.

  1. Slip on sun protective clothing.
  2. Slop on some sunscreen.
  3. Slap on a broad brim hat.
  4. Seek shade where possible.
  5. Slide on some sunglasses.

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 * Information sourced from Cancer Council.  

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