Organic Skincare For Baby & Family!

Organic & Natural Skincare the whole family can use!

Cherub Rubs products are not just for babies and toddlers. Our range of 100% natural, certified organic skincare has been formulated to protect, nourish and soothe your skin from birth through to your senior years.

Why your family should use Natural & Organic Skincare!

When you make the choice to purchase Cherub Rubs products for your family, you are choosing 100% natural, certified organic ingredients offering your family protection from chemical preservatives, colourings and artificial fragrances which can be found in the majority of supermarket and chemist brand skincare.

As well as smelling and feeling amazing, all our products contain natural oils with various healing, soothing and rejuvenating properties.

Your skin is the external organ that interacts with the world around you. It is important for your health to provide nourishing and natural products to keep your skin smooth and nourished!

Did you know?

There are up to 20 chemicals found in most body washes alone! If you are using shampoo, conditioner and body wash each time you are showering, you are potentially applying up to 60 chemicals to your skin! These chemicals then have the ability to enter your bloodstream and are pumped through your entire body. 

So which Cherub Rubs products should teens and adults use?

Adults and teenagers can use any of our products! In fact, our products are suitable for the whole family! Our range includes natural hair and body washes, skincare, moisturisers and products specifically for mums and mums-to-be. Some of our most popular products amongst our adult customers include:

Honey Myrtle Shampoo – not only does it smell divine, but it will also remove dirt without damaging your hair as well as maintain the scalp’s pH balance. Free of sulphates, parabens and other nasties that can cause hair loss, split ends and skin irritations.

Frangipani Body Wash – who loves the smell of a tropical holiday? Our Frangipani Body Wash is enriched with 100% natural and certified organic aromatic botanicals and oils to gently cleanse your body without stripping the vital oils from your skin. The frangipani oil offers a relaxing tropical feel whilst helping the skin remain soft and nourished.

Skin Balm – perfect for our breastfeeding mamas! As our Skin Balm is non-toxic, it is safe to apply to sore, cracked nipples in-between feeds. Our seniors also love our skin balm for dry, itchy skin. Skin Balm can also be used on eczema, dermatitis, cracked heels, chemical damaged palms, bites and scrapes.

Skin Guard Plus – keep those pesky mozzies away! A natural mosquito deterrent containing lemon eucalyptus oil that not only works and smells amazing but also means no nasty chemicals applied directly to your skin.

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