Skin Irritations - How to Prevent Them Using 100% Natural Products

Skin Irritations - How to Prevent Them Using 100% Natural Products

There are many different types of skin irritations that can affect everyone – not just our little Cherubs and unfortunately, when it comes to skin irritations, what works for one person may not work for another. This can be due to many factors including diet, stress levels, hormones, irritants and allergies.

Some of the most common skin irritations include eczema, dermatitis, heat rash and insect bites. The most important step in treating and caring for these irritations is to prevent scratching (yes we know, it’s easier said than done with little Cherubs).

To help prevent and treat these irritations we recommend:

  • Avoid soap and soap products – soap tends to have a high pH which can strip skin of its natural oils and leave it feeling dry and itchy. We recommend using Cherub Rubs Hair and Body Wash or for adults Cherub Rubs Eucalyptus and Peppermint Body Wash.
  • Keep skin moisturised – there are many factors that contribute to dry skin, these include soaps, dehydration (long showers, baths and swimming can cause dehydration) and the weather. Keeping skin moisturised will prevent unwanted dryness and itchiness. We recommend Cherub Rubs Skin Balm, Tummy Balm and Tummy Oil.
  • Use outdoor protection – sunburn and windburn can leave your skin very sore, whilst mosquitos can leave your skin itchy and uncomfortable. We recommend you apply sunscreen daily, not just on the hot days. Our Scatterscreen is a 3 in 1 outdoor protectant, offering a natural SPF, insect deterrent and moisturiser suitable for younger Cherubs. To keep the mosquitos away we suggest using Cherub Rubs Skin Guard on younger Cherubs and Skin Guard Plus for toddlers, teenagers and adults.
  • Relive itchiness to prevent scratching – scratching can lead to weeping and spreading as well as infections. Keep your Cherubs fingernails short to prevent scratching. We recommend applying Cherub Rubs Skin Soothe, a cooling gel that helps soothe the skin, relieve the itchiness of the damaged area and protect against unwanted bacteria.
  • Keep skin cool and bare – rashes and irritations can occur when sweat glands become blocked and perspiration cannot escape. Keep your cherubs as cool as possible, dress them in loose cotton clothing, wash areas that stay wet or damp (e.g. sweat, urine, dribble) and dry properly.

All of Cherub Rubs products are made in Australia using 100% Natural and Certified Organic ingredients. Why Certified Organic - read our previous blog here.

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